Viper ACR Brake Kit
Viper ACR Brake Kit
Viper ACR Brake Kit
Viper ACR Brake Kit

Viper ACR Brake Kit

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This is the kit Wesley Motorsports has used on our Pikes Peak Challenger since 2018. 

Compared to the production 6 piston Hellcat Brembo Caliper, the Viper ACR Caliper is lighter, stronger, and more heat resistant. 

The most beneficial improvement is the virtual elimination of the horrendous pad taper found with the OEM 6 piston Brembo.  This means your expensive brake pads last longer when punished at track days.

Designed to fit late model Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, and Chrysler 300.  The kit utilizes the factory Hellcat 2 piece rotor and requires the use of 19" or larger wheels.  Brake pads from the 6 piston Brembo Hellcat/Scat Pack caliper can be used.

The adapter requires the use of the SRT/Scat Pack/Hellcat 4 piston and 6 piston Brembo knuckle.  These calipers will not have the correct offset for the non-Brembo caliper knuckle.  Not designed for any AWD variants.

Included with the kit...

2 - Viper ACR Calipers, Red

2 - Wesley Motorsports Caliper Adapters with Bolts

2 - Stoptech front brake lines with Banjo Bolts and Crush Washers


Not included with the kit...

6 piston Hellcat/Scat Pack 2 piece rotors or equivalent aftermarket replacement

6 piston Hellcat/Scat Pack brake pads or equivalent aftermarket replacement