Drag Pak Lightweight Front Suspension Kit

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Wesley Motorsports designed kit to shed weight from the front of your Drag Racing Challenger or Charger.  Approximately 24 lbs savings over the as-delivered 2021 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak front suspension assembly.

Kit Contents:

Lightened OE Challenger / Charger Front Knuckle 

Lightweight Wheel Bearing assembly with extended wheel studs and 4.5" Bolt Circle

Caliper Adapter Bolts, Washers, and Spacers

New Genuine Mopar lower ball joints

AAD Spheriflex Upper Control Arms - Black

AAD Spheriflex Lower Control Arms - Black

This kit is designed to work with aftermarket Drag Racing brake kits and will not work with OE brakes.  With so many calipers and caliper adapters available, some modifications to your existing caliper bracket may be required to obtain optimum fitment.  This kit is designed around the 2021 Strange Drag Pak front brake system - B4184WC.

Drag Racing and off-road use only